Q. Where can I purchase Zappone Products?

A. Call Zappone Manufacturing direct at 1-800-285-2677. In parts of the country where we do not have representation, we do ship factory direct. Zappone also works closely with individual architects, builders and homeowners on specific projects. If roofing plans are faxed or mailed to our offices, we can supply you with a complete material list and estimated price.

Q. How can I obtain more information on your copper and aluminum roofing products?

A. Simply provide us with a mailing address and we will forward a complete packet of information to you. Contact Zappone

Q. How is your product shipped?

A. Usually, individual complete roofs, including all flashings, pipe vents, fasteners etc. are shipped FOB from our plant to the job site by common carrier. Freight quotes are dependent on weight and destination. Zappone has favorable relationships with many carriers and works to obtain the lowest freight charges for its customers.

Q. Your metal roofing materials are sold by the "square". What is a square?

A. A "square", in roofing terms, is equal to 100 square feet of roofing materials.

Q. How does the cost of copper and aluminum shingles compare with other roofing products?

A. Roofing materials come in all different price ranges, from lowend asphalt composition to high end slate products. Copper shingles fall in the middle of this range, which, when considering the two-three hundred year life span, makes copper shingles an excellent value. Aluminum shingles are comparable in price to cedar and carry a fifty year transferable warranty.

Q. I am a homeowner - can I install your copper or aluminum shingle roofing system?

A. The Zappone Shingle system was designed for easy installation. Many homeowners have installed our product successfully. A reasonable knowledge of tools and construction is helpful. An installation manual is available and Zappone does offer technical support during our office hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Pacific Coast Time.

Q. What are the minimum installation requirements for the Zappone Shingle System?

A. Minimum requirements are a 3/12 pitch , 5/8" solid decking, and a 30# felt undelayment. (Pitch is the angle or slant of the rafters on a roof. The rise is the vertical distance the rafters climb from the eaves to the ridge. The run is the horizontal distance the rafters cover from the eaves to the ridge. 3" rise to 12" run)

Q. Will the Zappone Copper and Aluminum Shingle System work on domes and curved roofs?

A. Yes, domes have been roofed with Zappone Shingles.  Installation is a bit more time consuming with these types of roofs.

Q. Why does copper shingles change color?

A. The natural weathering of copper is a direct consequence of the corrosive attack of airborne sulfur compounds. This leads to a gradual change in the surface color until equilibrium is reached and the change is stabilized. The final color is different and depends on the location and local weather. Salt, moisture, sunlight, orientation all can affect the final color. In general, copper changes in hue from the natural salmon through a progression of russet browns, grays and finally to the blue-green or gray-green patina. For more information see the Copper Weathering page.

Q. How can the original copper color be protected from weathering after installation?

A. We do not recommend trying to retain the natural color of copper on a full roof-rather, it should be allowed to follow nature's course and age beautifully. That being said, there might be areas on a home such as a bay window roof etc. which can be successfully coated with a clear finish which will protect the copper for a period of about seven years. Contact Zappone Manufacturing for further details on this clear coat.

Q. Can the naturally occurring green patina of copper be accelerated by artificial chemicals?

A. Yes, there is a chemical treatment that has been successful in accelerating the patina process. Generally, after the installation of a new copper roof, there is a waiting period of about three months. Once the new copper begins to show signs of tarnishing, application of a chemical is applied. This application is applied through the use of an ordinary garden type sprayer. The copper is lightly misted and 12-24 hours later the green patina will be evident. A second treatment may then be applied. Temperature and humidity requirements are also a factor. If you are interested in this treatment, we suggest you contact us for precise instruction. This treatment is available from Zappone.

Q. How can the staining of materials by copper shingle be prevented?

A. The natural weathering of copper results in the formation of copper salts at the surface of the shingle. These salts are then mixed with rain water and if allowed to run on to other materials will cause the characteristic green stains. To prevent such stains, the use of overhangs, sloping of copper surfaces away from other materials, gutters, drip edges are all recommended.

Q. What are the environmental concerns regarding water run-off from a copper roof?

A. There are no concerns in this area. 

Q. Is there chemical contamination in water run-off from aluminum roof?

A. There is no chemical contamination of water run off from an aluminum roof.